Reach More Qualified Candidates.
Spend Less Time and Money.

There’s a Better Way
to Recruit

Does This Sound Like Your Recruiting Experience?

You’re spending hours reading applications from unqualified candidates

Your top choices keep
ghosting you

You exhaust your budget every month without real results

You and your team have to pick up the slack for positions left unfilled longer than planned

Most Hiring Managers Are Making These Mistakes

They’re only reaching active job seekers.

They invest most of their ad budget in expensive job listing sites where applicants are playing a numbers game.

In the end, you and your team are burnt out before the onboarding process has even begun.

Real Results

Learn From Our Recruitment Advertising Success Stories


Senior Living Company Saves $1,000/month and Fills Executive Positions With Conversion Logix

Despite offering a $30,000 signing bonus and spending $2,000/month in Indeed and Glassdoor, this senior living management company couldn’t find any qualified candidates for their Executive Director position. Within 45 days after running a Conversion Logix campaign, they filled the role and two others with half the monthly ad spend.


Property Management Company Fills 89 Job Openings With Conversion Logix Advertising

The nation’s largest property management company struggled to fill open property management and maintenance positions. Within one month of running recruitment ads, they were able to recruit 1,401 applicants and hire 89 new team members.

At Conversion Logix, We've Found a Better
Way to Recruit.

We design multichannel advertising campaigns that inspire your ideal candidates to apply directly to openings at your company, not your competitors. Unlike job listing sites, we create campaigns targeting both active job seekers and employed candidates who aren’t hunting job listing sites. Our team of advertising experts actively manages these campaigns to ensure you’re receiving quality leads while maximizing your budget.

As a Google Premier Partner, Facebook Business Partner, and seven-time Inc. 5000 award winner, our agency has the expertise, access to new tech, and track record hiring managers can rely on to build recruiting campaigns that save rather than cost more time and money.

Our Services

We build multichannel campaigns tailored to each client’s budget, recruiting goals, and target audience using a mix of the following strategies. 

Paid Social

Data-Driven Display & Retargeting

Paid Search

Precision Mobile Targeting (PMT)

The Conversion Cloud®

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